About Us

HISTORY: In the early days of Summer, 2012, David Kersnar assembled a group of young artists, many whom had worked with Lookingglass Theatre or attended classes with David at Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. Although culled from the Chicago Theatre scene, the artists came from a variety of background, bringing experience in circus, acrobatics, dance, design, music, and much more to the meeting table on that fateful day. Joined by the common love the ensemble shared for all things rude, crude, raw, and gritty, the rag tag bunch set out to create performances that challenges viewers' conceptions of space, story, and art. And thus was birthed unto the cosmos....the inappropriates

MISSION: We will create original and re-imagined works, renew what is appropriate, for a theatrical space, and recharge what is appropriate for a theatrical experience. We overstep boundaries to connect humans, no matter how inappropriate...

Max Fabian

Max Fabian is a recent recipient of his BFA from Roosevelt University. Recently he was seen in Pulcinello with Looking Glass Theatre and can be seen performing with Next Theatre in Iphegenia 2.0 this fall. When not on the stage he can be found in his man cave/beat lab making sweet sweet music. He can't wait to one day own a Saint Bernard and cure world hunger.

Jordan Shomer

Jordan Shomer, a Florida girl, came to Chicago with one goal in mind - to set this city ablaze...with her art. A recent graduate from the University of Denver with a BA in Theatre, Jordan was last seen in her self-directed production of Let Us Go Out Into the Starry Night by John Patrick Shandley. Being a well rounded artist, Jordan aspires to create ensemble based, interactive experiences and believes Inappropriate to be the perfect band of misfits to concur this with.

Wes Daniel

Wesley Daniel just received his BFA from the Chicago Conservatory for Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. He recently performed in Timon of Athens at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and before that appeared with Lookingglass Theatre at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as Floretta in Pulcinella. In his downtime he eats, sleeps, and poops. He's also been known to forage for berries and climb trees when in danger. Though known to be rather presumptuous the Wesley seems to function in society just fine on his!

Margaret Cook

A recent BFA recipient from Chicago College of the Performing Arts, Marge has recently been seen in Naked: Open Blinds at Bedroom Window Ensemble and in The Closing Shift at local venue Farmhouse. In her free time Marge enjoys the simpler pleasures like aggressively tasting microbrews (tequila chaser), beating up boys, and giving back to teh community by running a Fight Club for underprivileged kids.

Ariella Marchioni

Ariella Marchioni is currently achieving her BFA at Roosevelt University's Chicago College of Performing Arts and will soon be a graduate with the class of 2013. She was most recently seen as Mary Bennet in Lifeline Theatre's Pride and Prejudice. In the fall she will be a Bridesmaid in Next Theatre's Iphigenia 2.0. Ariella enjoys many things in her free time, but sadly suffers from short term memory loss and she....she...she is currently achieving her BFA at Roosevelt University's Chicago College of Performing Arts and ...

Karen Vance

Karen is a recent graduate from Roosevelt University's Theatre Conservatory at Chicago College of Performing Arts (CCPA) with a BFA in Acting. While there she was recently seen as Stella Kowalski in A Streetcard Named Desire, Emily Webb in Our Town and many others. Karen has also worked with The Shakespeare Project of Chicago on their production of The Tempest, performing as Juno and Ariel. Karen has been a dancer for many years and has danced during NBA games, the Miss Oregon Pageant, and most recently with the Crush Dance Collective. She came to Chi-town from Portland, OR and when not pursuing the use of her new degree she can mostly be found with a book, painting pieces of furniture or baking inedible banana bread.

Joe Galizia

Joseph Galizia was born in Staten Island, NY, and raised in the bright lights of Las Vegas. He graduated with a B.F.A. in acting at the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University in 2011. Most recently, Joe performed in Pulcinella with Lookingglass Theatre and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He is, in many ways, an anarchist of inappropriate comedy. His skills range from stand-up, sketch comedy, circus performance, and writing for all medias of performing in general ahTHANKyou.

Anthony-Jon LeSage

A Portland, Oregon native, he was recently educated at Chicago College of the Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. He has worked at Portland Center Stage's JAW/West Festival, Oregon Children's Theatre, and at the Profile Theatre Project of Oregon. Recently, he has been seen on stage at Roosevelt as George Gibbs in Our Town, and in Steppenwolf Theatre's world premiere adaptation of The Book Thief. When not exploiting the internet for the company, AJ is usually locked in a room, writing, and generally being antisocial.

Erik Strebig

Erik Strebig is an Ohio native turned Chicagoan and recent graduate from the Chicago College of Performing Arts. He was seen, this February, in the Look Glass/CSO performance of Pulcinella at Symphony Hall and will be making his Next Theatre debut in Iphigenia 2.0, this September. He currently lives in Ukrainian Village and dislikes the color taupe.

Anthony Kayer

Anthony Kayer is a recent graduate of the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. He was recently seen in The March (Steppenwolf), and in September will be joining the cast of Iphigenia 2.0 (Next Theatre) as The Greek Man. Other credits include: Elizabeth Rex (Chicago Shakespeare Theatre), and Arnie the Doughnut (Lifeline Theatre). Regional credits include: The Three Musketeers, As You Like It, and The Merry Wives of Windsor (Illinois Shakespeare Festivel). Anthony leads a fabulous life of poverty and is fed by his unhealthy addiction to Randy Newman, video/sound editing and women's shoes.

Nicholas Druzbanski

Nicholas Druzbanski is currently receiving his BFA in Acting at the Chicago College of Performing Arts where he has performed in Execution of Justice, Spoon River, and The Cradles Will Rock. National Tour: The Sound of Music (Kurt), Ragtime (Edgar). Regional: Swimming With Jellyfish (Paul), Oliver! (Oliver), The Secret Garden (Dicken), Chamelot (Tom), The Elephant Man (Treves). In his free time, he enjoys cultivating his exceptional facial hair. Truth.

Colin Creveling

Alexander Wu

Alexa Ray Meyers

Tim Bickel

Tim Bickel is happy to be an ensemble member of Inappropriate Theatre! Tim earned his B.F.A. in Acting from the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. Tim originated the role of JJ in A Parallelogram at Steppenwolf Theatre. While performing at Steppenwolf, he joined the Actor's Equity Association. Tim was the host of “Teens on Q” and his film credits include “Warrior”, “Captain Blasto”, “Heart Failure”, and “Training Film”. Inappropriate things Tim does include: taking candy from babies, not standing up when an old woman gets on the bus, and being Latino.